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We help you achieve cost-effective benefits solutions and provide best-in-class claims service you can count on.


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What we offer:

With Inspro, we provide value-added services (at no cost) so you can focus more on your core business while we take care of managing your insurance policy, handling the claims services, procedures, negotiations, ensuring prompt settlements and recoveries.


e-Portal for Employees

  • Simplify and streamline claims procedure with paperless claims submission via e-claims portal.
  • On-line resources to enquire about own benefits, staff communication, slides. panel clinic listing.
  • Portal Login to check claims status and track past claims records.



e-Portal for HRs

  • HRs access to track employees listings, claims updates and records.
  • Customised employee benefit & claim report.



24hrs Helpdesk Service

  • Our dedicated helpline team is ready to assist you on your emergency benefits and insurance claims enquiry.
  • LOG (Letter of Guarantee) issuance for admission/ surgery



Staff Communication Benefits Talks

  • Staff communication upon renewal of insurance programs as well as orientation and presentation for new staff

Boost your employee’s health and productivity with comprehensive protection covers against uncertainties and health challenges.

To enhance their welfare, you can start your employees on a journey towards better health and wellness. Secure your employee’s welfare with the right covers now!



Key Benefits

Choice of plans with different levels of coverage:

  • Group Term Life and Total & Permanent Disability
  • Group Critical Illness
  • Group Personal Accident
  • Group Hospitalisation & Surgical
  • Group Outpatient GP & Specialist
  • Group Dental

Group Term Life and Total & Permanent Disability

  • Provide lump sum payment of the sum assured upon death or total & permanent disablement due to any cause
  • 24-hours worldwide coverage








Group Personal Accident

  • Pays upon death, TPD or partial & permanent disablement due to an accident






Group Critical Illness

  • Group Critical Illness Insurance is a supplementary plan which provides a lump sum benefit upon diagnosis of one of the 37 Critical Illnesses*
  • Choice of 100% and 50% acceleration of the GTL sum assured







Group Hospitalisation & Surgical (GHS)

  • Daily Room & Board Benefit
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Benefit
  • Other Hospital Services Benefit (including implants)
  • Surgical Benefit
  • In-hospital Doctor Consultation Benefit
  • Pre- &Post-hospitalisation Specialist Consultation & Diagnostic X-ray & Laboratory Test Benefit
  • Emergency Accidental Outpatient Treatment Benefit
  • Accidental Miscarriage Benefit
  • Overseas Hospitalisation For Accident Benefit
  • Outpatient Kidney Dialysis/ Cancer Treatment
  • Death / Funeral Expense Benefit







Group Outpatient Benefit


General Practitioner (GP) Benefit

  • Visit to Panel Clinics
  • Visit to Non-Panel Clinic
  • Visit to Polyclinics
  • Visit to the Accidental & Emergency (A&E) Department
  • Visit to Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment (TCM)
  • Visit to Overseas General Practitioner




Specialist Practitioner (SP) Benefits

  • Visit to Panel / Non-Panel Specialist (with referral from GP/Polyclinic)
  • Visit to Singapore Government/Restructured Hospital (with referral from GP/Polyclinic)
  • Diagnostic X-ray & Laboratory Test (includes MRI/CT Scan)





Group Dental

  • Dental procedures such as scaling and polishing, fillings and extractions
  • Complex procedures such as wisdom tooth surgery and root canal treatments




On top of the standard plan, which provides comprehensive and the basic coverage, enhance or customize your policy by increasing the limits or adding optional covers to suit your unique business needs.

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